Consumer Intent API

The Consumer Intent API is an interface to access consumer activity data at a make, model, and year level to partners by searching real time for the last sixty days.

Dealer Metrics API

The Dealer Metrics API mainly serves analytics data to partners. This includes summarized information at the Dealer level and at the inventory listing level.

Dealer Review Management API

The Dealer Review Management Service (DRMS) is the mechanism through which allows contractual business partners to send and extract dealer reviews to and from the website.

This web service offers three methods of interaction:

getReviews – extracting reviews from

saveDealerReview – capturing reviews on behalf of outside of the domain and delivering those reviews to via this web service. 

saveResponse – Submitting a Dealer’s response to a consumer review.

To help identify fraudulent reviews, we send all reviews and responses to a third party partner for review followed by an additional layer of internal screening. This means that a review and/or response is not immediately available for viewing once submitted. In general each review and response takes 24-48 hours for analysis before being posted on the site. 

Each consumer review may have a maximum of one (1) responses sent from the Dealer. Any additional attempts to initiate the saveResponse method for a single review will result in an error message from the service.

Currently all API-based data access is available only for approved business partners. If you would like to become a partner please return to the Developer Portal Homepage to review instructions for contacting’s Business Development Team.

Delta Listing API

Delta Listing Service (DLS) provides an API for all partners who need access to current classified ad listing information. This service will return a list of classified ad listings as well as classified ad listing details. Any changes to classified ad listings are available via this service an hour after the change occurs.

Inventory Search API

The Inventory Search Service API (ISS) project is a RESTful service that provides inventory listings to the consumer. The ISS will take an input SearchCriteriaBO Object and return listings within a SearchResultBO Object. 

Lead Capture API

This API allows partners to submit a request with a lead into system, the response includes the lead identifier with the original request

Vehicle Market Metrics Summary API

The Vehicle Market Metrics Summary API serves vehicle metric data in a given market or set of Zip Codes, along with that vehicle's average days on site and high, low, and average price.