Dealer Metrics API
API Class: 
Dealer Metrics API

This method retrieves vehicle information, analytics and performance reports for a vehicle listing on a given day or month.                          


Note: Ensure all testing is done in development environment prior to moving to production.

Environment URL
development https://api.cars.com/DealerMetricsService/1.0/rest/reports/contactdetails/listing
production https://api.cars.com/DealerMetricsService/1.0/rest/reports/contactdetails/listing


Request Data Formats


Request Parameters
Request Parameter Type Example value Description Required
classifiedAdId Integer 608175547 Classified Ad ID yes
customerId Integer 5785421 Customer ID yes
day Integer 1-31 Day - If not passed, request returns month report no
month Integer 1-12 Month yes
year Integer 2014 Year yes
apikey String xo0HjxkG1087GPUtt0TAxTzrkwhYzAKJ API Key given by Cars.com yes






Response Data Formats
Response type Header value
xml Accept: application/xml
json Accept: application/json
Response Elements
Element Type Description
vehicleInfo VehicleInfo See VehicleInfo element description below
leadDetails LeadDetails See LeadDetails element description below
contactSummary ContactSummary See ContactSummary element description below
Element Type Description
classifiedAdId String Classified Ad ID
stockNumber String Stock Number
vehicleYear String Vehicle Year
vehicleMake String Vehicle Make
vehicleModel String Vehicle Model
vin String Vin Number
stockType String Stock Type Code
vehicleStatus String Vehicle Status
listingPrice String Listing Price
numberOfPhotos BigInteger Total number of photos
sellerNotes String Seller Notes
currentAge BigInteger Current Age
deletedAge BigInteger Deleted Age
deletedLastLeadType String Deleted Last Lead Type
deletedLastLeadDateTime String Deleted Last Lead Date and Time
Element Type Description
adPrintDetails AdPrintDetails See AdPrintDetails element description below
mapViewDetails MapViewDetails See MapViewDetails element description below
clickThruDetails ClickThruDetails See ClickThruDetails element description below
emailDetails EmailDetails See EmailDetails element description below
chatDetails ChatDetails See ChatDetails element description below
Element Type Description
dateTime Object Date and time of activity
Element Type Description
dateTime Object Date and time of activity
Element Type Description
dateTime Object Date and time of activity
Element Type Description
dateTime Object Date and time of activity
customerName String Customer Email Address
Element Type Description
dateTime Object Date and time of activity
handledBy String Name of person who handled the Chat session
chatMessageLength Integer Length of Chat
Element Type Description
searchViews Object Total number of search views
detailViews Object Total number of detail views
conversionRate Object Ratio of search views to detail views
totalContacts Object Sum of all lead details
Response XML Example
         <dateTime>07/26/2014 12:31 PM CST</dateTime>
         <dateTime>07/25/2014 10:30 AM CST</dateTime>
         <dateTime>07/25/2014 08:01 PM CST</dateTime>
Response JSON example
{"VehicleDetailsResult": {
   "vehicleInfo":    {
      "classifiedAdId": "608175547",
      "stockNumber": "97895B",
      "vehicleYear": "2008",
      "vehicleMake": "Honda",
      "vehicleModel": "Accord",
      "vin": "1GCPD38582B239592",
      "stockType": "U",
      "vehicleStatus": "Current",
      "listingPrice": "10488",
      "numberOfPhotos": 30,
      "currentAge": 57
   "leadDetails":    {
      "adPrintDetails": [{"dateTime": "01/10/2016 04:38 PM CST"}],
      "mapViewDetails": [{"dateTime": "07/26/2014 12:31 PM CST"}],
      "clickThruDetails":       [
         {"dateTime": "07/25/2014 10:30 AM CST"},
         {"dateTime": "07/25/2014 08:01 PM CST"}
      "emailDetails": [            {
               "dateTime": "01/05/2016 05:57 AM CST",
               "customerName": "clrseitz@qis.net"
      "chatDetails": [            {
               "dateTime": "01/05/2016 06:30 PM CST",
               "handledBy": "Justin  Ledbetter",
               "chatMessageLength": "3"
   "contactSummary":    {
      "searchViews": 2309,
      "detailViews": 49,
      "conversionRate": 2.12,
      "totalContacts": 3
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