Dealer Metrics API
API Class: 
Dealer Metrics API

This method retrieves analytics and performance reports at the Dealer level on a given day or within a given month.


Request Data Formats
Request Parameters
Request Parameter Type Example value Description Required
customerId Integer 5785421 Customer ID yes
day Integer 1-31 Day - If not passed, request returns month report no
month Integer 1-12 Month yes
year Integer 2014 Year yes
apikey String xo0HjxkG1087GPUtt0TAxTzrkwhYzAKJ API Key given by Cars.com yes






Response Data Formats
Response type Header value
xml Accept: application/xml
json Accept: application/json
Response Elements
Element Type Description
dealerDirectorySearches Integer Number of Dealer directory searches
srpViews Integer Number of SRP Views
vdpViews Integer Number of VDP Views
adPrintSummary AdPrintSummary See AdPrintSummary element description below
mapViewSummary MapViewSummary See MapViewSummary element description below
clickThruSummary ClickThruSummary See ClickThruSummary element description below
newEmailSummary NewEmailSummary See NewEmailSummary element description below
usedEmailSummary UsedEmailSummary See UsedEmailSummary element description below
newPhoneSummary NewPhoneSummary See NewPhoneSummary element description below
usedPhoneSummary UsedPhoneSummary See UsedPhoneSummary element description below
newChatSummary NewChatSummary See NewChatSummary element description below
usedChatSummary UsedChatSummary See UsedChatSummary element description below
drivDirContact Integer Driving Directions Page Views
textToDealer Integer Number of contacts by text to dealer
dealerEmail Integer Number of contacts by dealer email
dealerPhone Integer Number of Service Phone Contacts
Element Type Description
adPrintsOverall Integer Overall total ad prints
countNew String Total new ad prints
countUsed String Total used ad prints
percentNew String Percentage of new ad prints
percentUsed String Percentage of used ad prints
Element Type Description
mapViewsOverall Integer Overall total map views
countNew String Total new map views
countUsed String Total used map views
percentNew String Percentage of new map views
percentUsed String Percentage of used map views
Element Type Description
clickThrusOverall Integer Overall total click thrus
countNew String Total new click thrus
countUsed String Total used click thrus
percentNew String Percentage new click thrus
percentUsed String Percentage used click thrus
Element Type Description
newEmailOverall Integer Total new email leads
Element Type Description
usedEmailOverall Integer Total used email leads
Element Type Description
newPhoneOverall Integer Total new phone leads
phoneListing List: PhoneListing Class description below
Element Type Description
usedPhoneOverall Integer Total used phone leads
phoneListing List: PhoneListing Class description below
Element Type Description
dateTimeReceived String Date and Time of call received
callersPhone String Caller's phone #
callersZip String Caller's zip code
callStatus String Call status
callDuration String Call duration
Element Type Description
newChatOverall Integer Total new chat leads
Element Type Description
usedChatOverall Integer Total used chat leads
Response XML Example
     <dateTimeReceived>07/01/2014 03:41 PM CST</dateTimeReceived>
     <callersPhone>(484) 555-1272</callersPhone>
     <callDuration>7m 21s</callDuration>
     <dateTimeReceived>07/01/2014 04:16 PM CST</dateTimeReceived>
     <callersPhone>(703) 555-0805</callersPhone>
     <callDuration>4m 19s</callDuration>
     <dateTimeReceived>07/03/2014 02:45 PM CST</dateTimeReceived>
     <callersPhone>(443) 555-2163</callersPhone>
     <callDuration>2m 43s</callDuration>
     <dateTimeReceived>07/03/2014 02:43 PM CST</dateTimeReceived>
     <callersPhone>(443) 555-2163</callersPhone>
     <callDuration>1m 48s</callDuration>
Response JSON example
{"DealerContactDetails": {
 "dealerDirectorySearches": 1542,
 "srpViews": 411598,
 "vdpViews": 4921,
 "adPrintSummary": {
  "adPrintsOverall": 19,
  "countNew": "8",
  "countUsed": "11",
  "percentNew": "42",
  "percentUsed": "58"
 "mapViewSummary": {
  "mapViewsOverall": 80,
  "countNew": "20",
  "countUsed": "55",
  "percentNew": "25",
  "percentUsed": "69"
 "clickThruSummary": {
  "clickThrusOverall": 34,
  "countNew": "11",
  "countUsed": "13",
  "percentNew": "32",
  "percentUsed": "38"
 "newEmailSummary": {"newEmailOverall": 10},
 "usedEmailSummary": {"usedEmailOverall": 20},
  "newPhoneOverall": 2,
    "dateTimeReceived": "07/01/2014 03:41 PM CST",
    "callersPhone": "(484) 555-1272",
    "callersZip": "19464",
    "callStatus": "COMPLETED",
    "callDuration": "7m 21s"
    "dateTimeReceived": "07/01/2014 04:16 PM CST",
    "callersPhone": "(703) 555-0805",
    "callersZip": "22201",
    "callStatus": "COMPLETED",
    "callDuration": "4m 19s"
  "usedPhoneOverall": 2,
    "dateTimeReceived": "07/03/2014 02:45 PM CST",
    "callersPhone": "(443) 555-2163",
    "callersZip": "21202",
    "callStatus": "COMPLETED",
    "callDuration": "2m 43s"
    "dateTimeReceived": "07/03/2014 02:43 PM CST",
    "callersPhone": "(443) 555-2163",
    "callersZip": "21202",
    "callStatus": "COMPLETED",
    "callDuration": "1m 48s"
 "newChatSummary": {"newChatOverall": 0},
 "usedChatSummary": {"usedChatOverall": 7},
 "drivDirContact": 12,
 "textToDealer": 0,
 "dealerEmail": 0,
 "dealerPhone": 0
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